Sonus Mortus – Hail the Tragedies of Man

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2016
Buy album [URL]: sonusmortis.bandcamp .com
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Band Lineup:

Kevin Byrne (Multi-instrumentalist)


1.Chant Demigod 08:29
2.Null And Void 04:54
3.Subproject 54 05:31
4.No Escape 05:09
5.And So We Became Slaves Forever 05:25
6.End Of Days 05:37
7.The Great Catholic Collapse 04:28
8.I See Humans But No Humanity 08:22
9.Chaos Reigns 05:33
10.Wretched Flesh, I Embrace 05:23
11.Hail The Tragedies Of Man 06:45


Having recently released ‘Hail The Tragedies of Man’, Sonus Mortus is a one-man symphonic death metal band from Dublin Ireland. For one man, there’s a lot of noise to be heard on this release with the impressive combination of heavy guitar work, melodic touches of the keyboard and brutal vocals.

Throughout the album, the music has an expansive and progressive feel with vast soundscapes overarching the death metal elements. On the first track ‘Chant Demigod’ death metal passages are alternated with smooth, ethereal sections accompanied by detached clean vocals giving the music diversity and depth. At times, the music is almost doomy owing to the often detached and sombre sound in the calmer passages of songs. The rich multilayered feel also gives symphonic black metal vibes at certain points.

Overall it’s a decent listen, if not a bit same-y after a few tracks. Although, a keen ear will be kept engaged by less obvious variations. This album is equally as atmospheric as it is heavy, and it’s very well composed and produced.