Deversal – Reign of Darkness: Part 1

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: MØST Records
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Released: 2016
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Band Lineup:deversal

Dmitry – vocals
Anthony – guitars
Slava – guitars, drums
Vlad – bass


1. Doomsday
2. Blood And Powder
3. Pray or Die
4. One Bullet


Deversal started last year in Tyumen, Russia with the goal of making heavy music together. Born from the ashes of  a band called A Satori Ascent (a fellow hardcore outfit from Tyumen) they have created a four track EP which will serve as part one of their ‘Reign Of Darkness’ series. The band doesn’t give much information about themselves; any goals, nor subject matter apart from a quote which states: “all the darkness comes from ourselves”. Think what you will of that, but in any case this thirteen minute introductory EP looks to launch Deversal into an already well established yet mainly underground hardcore/metal scene in their homeland.

In terms of style, Deversal take a pretty twisted approach to hardcore. Definitely on the heavier side, with more metal influences. Some of it comes off as a more stable variety of crossover as there’s not this constant clash between the metal and hardcore styles. The vocals are consistent with the hardcore form; gruff, coarse and sneered out with plenty of over-zealous spite and angst. The riffs are powerful and can be quite rapid at parts when supported by the well-tempered yet forceful drumming of Slava (who also fills in with some of the rhythm parts for the guitar).

The EP opens quite brilliantly with a doomy bassline by Vlad (can we call him the Impaler?) that gets joined by the assaulting guitars before we get into a section that sounds like the build up of a song that could fit into much of Slayer’s back catalog. It doesn’t last as it breaks into a guitar riff that switches the dynamic into hardcore mode. The harsh vocals of Dmitry drives through the music. His English may not be perfect but everything you need is there. The drumming from Slava is precise and well-measured. He uses the double kicks with great effect, not wasting any sound space by unnecessary snare or cymbal work. Deversal certainly have a great energy about them and have honed their abilities into a fine craft.

The second track ‘Blood And Powder’ whilst being the shortest track of the EP, keeps the heaviness and has a great build up to the pre-chorus’ where Dmitry screams “TV screen is a mirror of distraction, TV screen is a mirror of aggression”. It’s a short but dynamic song which spills into the penultimate track ‘Pray Or Die’. ‘Pray Or Die’ starts off with a slightly comical scream of “Oh yeah” but the song progresses strongly with plenty of force and connection. Dmitry’s cries of nobody caring about the future resonates deeply as Deversal combats humanity’s callousness with their purposeful and hard driven music.

The last track ‘One Bullet’ opens with a enigmatic guitar section that is absolutely crushing when the other forces combine. Not the longest song but it has staying power as it is quite a provocative piece of music. It’s hard to choose between ‘One Bullet’ or The opening track as being the highlights of the recording. Both have an opening sequence that sets them apart from the other two and they both remain with you after a listen.

‘Reign Of Darkness’ hits hard and provides us with a great estimation as to what this band are about musically. Deversal may be proving to be a bit of an enigma in terms of profile but their music speaks for itself. Whilst English is not their mother tongue, they still have some high calibre lines and lyrics that yields deep reactions. They are already in the studio working at part two of the ‘Reign In Darkness’ album so it won’t be long until we get another taste of Deversal’s hair-raising music.

Review by Pete Mutant
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