Red Raw – An Evening That Will Bite Your Balls Off!

There is something new about and it is not to be missed! An evening rammed with comedy, music, poetry, burlesque, film and all FREE!

Interview by Sabrina Selkis.
Promo photo by Ben Meadows.
Event photos by Ant Smith.

24 March

“A challenging line-up of artists that will make you cry (with wide-eyed delight or devastation). Blimey, an evening with something to say! “

Last month I heard of a new kind of event, something mixing all genres of entertainers called Red Raw. Created by Sophie Cameron, London definitely needed this to happen and she made it a reality.

Here is our conversation about it:



How did Red Raw come to life?

I have been performing a form of performance poetry that aims to be obscene, poignant and challenge people’s understanding of the genre for ages, but have found it difficult in the sense that because I don’t fit nicely into a category most gigs undermine what I do on the billing and cast me off as trivial.

In the past few years, I have also found myself constantly complaining about the quality of the gigs in London. Most have nothing to say and are chock fully of mediocre acts obsessed with the idea of becoming a career comedian or saying something profound. Most are bloody boring as hell too, with hosts that don’t give a shit. And then those gigs just showcase one art form, so just comedy or just poetry, when actually wouldn’t it be better if there was more cabaret style gigs where you go and see something that you wouldn’t normally go to see. A gig that opens your eyes to something new, entertains you, insults you, whilst making you think. Like the explosion of Dada back in the day.

I actually became one of the people that I dislike: someone that complains about something but doesn’t do anything about it. So I decided to take action and create a gig that is exciting and that defies definition. To create a space for challenging voices and exploration that demands something different from the audience. A night of mayhem to shock and to make you uncomfortable, whilst being electrically addictive and entertaining.


Also I got some cock pics off Tinder that I wanted to show people at scale.

How many people are behind Red Raw?

Just me at the moment, but I had a lot of help from friends on the night who were absolutely essential to making it happen. And obviously the performers were all bloody amazing!! And Gary from the Resistance Gallery is an absolute ledge!!

What are the criteria to choose the onstage acts? Who decides who goes through?

So I choose who to put on. I have very high standards. And to be absolutely frank I don’t want any dog shit on my stage. I want challenging voices. Marginalised voices. People with something to say. Not necessarily polished brass – I actually prefer unpolished mayhem. But something different you know. And if that quality drops one bit I will kill the night dead.


What can the audience expect from attending your event?

I would say the unexpected. Maybe a colonic. Different art forms too, so anything from comedy and poetry, to burlesque, music, dance and other stuff that doesn’t fit into nice boxes. Hopefully they will be excited by the mayhem.


What’s next for Red Raw? What is your vision for it?

Our next gig will be on Thursday 24 March and it will be a monthly occurrence. The challenge will be making it as good as the first one, which blew my face off. I was hoping it would be good, but it was fucking brilliant. I would just like to create a gig that is exciting and challenging. A gig that people look forward to and talk about. People were talking about who they liked best the morning after the gig that for me that’s success!!



Red Raw is on Thursday 24th March 2016 at The Resistance Gallery, London





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