Nucleust Release New Video ‘Faith by the Sword’

Australian extreme metal band Nucleust have released a promotional video for new song ‘Faith by the Sword.’


The video (below) was released by Heavy Music Mag in the band’s homeland on August 27 and has amassed over 3,500 views at present.



“This song is written to express the deep personal emotions of the band towards the abusive use of power in hands of those who meant to protect us using their authority, however they choose to oppress the people with fear, idiocracy and manipulation tactics.’ Nucleust explain.

“Society consists of individuals and it’s up to them to make their personal decisions in a free world. One person can change the world. One idea can destroy it. We need more free thinking intelligent individuals to lead the next generation to have a better understanding about how to avoid being a social puppet.”

The song is available for download here.

According to their Facebook page, the band will be playing a fundraiser gig for Autism in their homeland on September 12 in North Fremantle, Western Australia.

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